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25mm B'hoys!
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"Splendid Little Warriors"
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The Kris And The Flame
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25mm Houston's Naval Guns
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28mm B'hoys Towne

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Send A Gunboat!

Colonial Wargamers have largely been confined to land actions for decades, yet so many famous campaigns had a Coastal or Riverine facet. Heretofore, commercial Gunboat and Native models have been sparse, mostly handmade, and thus expensive. But now, "Send A Gunboat!" is here to change that dynamic for the better.

After almost 20 yearS of offering cardstock designs, TVAG has finally stepped into the 21st Century with 3D Printing and now offers you a VASTLY improved selection of models in 15mm scale. More models will be added as they are designed, and several more will appear here very soon.

Designer Chris Ferree, created the initial releases for the Pirate Wars of the South China Sea and East Indies in the mid-19th Century era of "Rajah Brooke, but models for campaigns on the Nile, East Africa, the Philippines, China and beyond will follow.

Printed in white PLA, models need only painting and minor assembly upon delivery and come with the guns listed for each plus pre-cut wooden masts, spars, crosstrees, and sails, where relevant. Native craft will also include ready-to-mount sails and weapons befitting their type. Sites for threading lines have been designed into the 3D prints, allowing buyers to rig their models as seen in many of the photos, below.

Models do NOT come with crew figures. However, RN Landing Parties and Sailors, plus Dyak, Malay, Iranun, Banguingui, Moro, and Chinese Pirates are available on the The Kris And The Flame page. Royal Marines, and more will be added soon, as well as a wider range of figures to go with the growing ranges of warships, war canoes, etc.

PLEASE NOTE! To reduce costs, TVAG keeps no ready stock of models on hand. Orders will be filled on demand, and 3D printing requires time to produce a superior product. Orders will be filled in order of receipt. The larger the order, the more time will be required. For now, we believe that two weeks should be more than sufficient to prepare an order for shipment. If any delay appears likely, the customer will be so notified. However, anyone is free to contact TVAG with any questions or concerns at anytime. Your kind consideration and patience will be well rewarded!--TVAG

European Designs


Paddlewheeler Gunboat Screw Gunboat  Merchantman Brig Longboat
Armed Longboat Steam Launch New Models Coming!
(The dimensions provided are approximate only.)

Paddle-Wheeler Gunboat

This model is representative of the Paddlewheel Gunboats of the 1840-60's. She has two Heavy Guns on turntable mounts (as shown), plus two Light Cannon, and two Swivel Guns. The single piece hull comes with pre-cut masts for her Schooner rig, spars, sails, and would have a 34 man crew.

9 1/2" overall length x 3" beam x 3" to top of funnel.
Price: $35.00

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Screw Gunboat

The fastest design with the tightest turning radius, she mounts 8 Lt. Cannon (4 on a broadside) and 2 Swivels. Crew complement would be 23.

7" overall length x 2" beam x 3" to to of funnel.
Price: $38.00

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Merchantman (Brig Rigged)

A common vessel plying the South China Seas and through the East Indies Archipelago and a frequent victim of Chinese and other Pirates throughout the region. For self defense, she carries 2 Lt. Cannon and 2 Swivels. Normal crew complement would be 18.

7 1/2" overall length x 2 1/2" beam x 1 1/2" to top of deckhouse.
Price: $40.00

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Basic Life Boat and Landing Party craft. It is possible to mount a Swivel or other light weapon, but none is included. Normal capacity would be 10 armed sailors or Marines.

4 1/4" overall length x 1 1/4" beam x 3/8" gunnels.
Price: $5.00

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Armed Longboat

Essentially the same as the regular Longboat, but mounts a Lt. Cannon (3-pdr ML) on its bow. Normal capacity would still be 10 passengers, with 2 required to serve the piece.

4 1/4" overall length x 1 1/4"beam x 3/8" gunnels.
Price: $7.00

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Steam Launch

The ideal vessel for cutting out and up river expeditions, she can make a few knots better speed than most stream and ocean currents due to her small steam engine (included). She carries fewer crew than a Longboat, but can mount a Swivel or other light weapon forward, though not included.

4 1/4" overall length x 1 1/4" beam x 5/8" gunnels.
Price: $8.00

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