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May, 2015

In The Pipe

New Titles & Products Now in Development for
The (Virtual) Armchair General
The following items are in varying stages of completion, so keep an eye on TVAG for news and release dates.

Gone To See The Elephant

Gone To See The Elephant:
Miniatures War Game Rules for the Mexican-American War, 1846-48

A fully dedicated set of rules for one of the most remarkable conflicts of the 19th Century, and one with consequences still felt to this day. GTSTE will allow players to experience the tactics and weapons of this war as no other rules set has. Using the basic game system of John Company , the game emphasizes Leadership, Resolve, Physical and Psychological condition of the troops, and even reflects political influences as well.

Perhaps one of the least understood and appreciated wars ever waged by the US, this was no "walk over," and the rules will reflect the advantages and weakness of both the Mexican and American Armies.

As with JC, the game will rely on Card Driven Movement, Orders, and Events, all very specifically based on conditions and actual experiences in Mexico--some of which will quite amaze you! There will also be resource material and information not to be found in most popular histories.

Players will be able to use any/all miniatures from 5/6mm to 40mm mounted on standardized base sizes determined by ground scale, rather than artificial and arbitrary man-to-figure ratios.

Full details (including specific OB's for all units engaged) of all the major battles will be provided, maps included. Organizational, tactical, and historical information is provided, including that for the many US Volunteer formations engaged, along with historical Scenarios (with detailed maps) for the major actions. 

No written record keeping, with all game mechanics needing only regular D6, everything the game requires will come with it. All you have to do is cut out the paper printed Card Decks and Game Markers provided at the back of the book.  Professionally printed full color card stock versions of the Game Decks and markers will also be available separately.  

Now in development, we hope to be ready sometime this Summer as the game enters the last stages of "blind play testing."  Look for progress reports to be posted here at TVAG, and/or on the Yahoo! Mexican War Group.

Projected Release: Winter, 2016

19th Century Chinese Flags

19th Century Chinese Flags Collection!

The newest additions now available are the first of the Boxer Rebellion Flags. With the same attention to artistry and historical accuracy, these represent the finest of their kind ever provided for war gaming.

The Tai-P'ing Rebellion Sets were the first of the line be released, and now there are five new Sets of Dragon Flags and Banners for Wangs and Generals. Taken together with the flags of the "Imitation Foreign Devils," this part of the Collection is complete--for now!

The next additions will be the huge Imperial collection for the Manchu's as they fought throughout the century.

Watch for them!

Next Projected Release: Manchu/Qing Flags, PENDING!

The Casino "Mean Sets"

A total now of 21 Sets have already been released and many more are in development. Among those in the works are the Egyptian Tomb, Mad Scientist's Lab, Haunted House, The Crypt, Evil Mastermind's Submarine, and more.

"Mean Sets" will eventually provide a great many other "traditional" Sets associated with Pulp Adventure and Horror.

Next Projected Release: Whenever I get the chance to add more!

We Only Kill Each Other

We Only Kill Each Other
A unique set of skirmish rules portraying criminal activities from the 1920's to the 1950's, the era of Prohibition, Depression, and Film Noir. Finally, a set of rules that portrays the peculiar nature of these long term wars with short battles, where intimidation and influence were as important as measured violence.

In the past "cops and robbers" games attempted to treat the subject like a war game. The true nature of these conflicts is that there were very few battles and very poor "generals" and a highly inefficient leadership. Engagements were at the whim of fortune, and panic more often ruled the day than planning and operational expertise.

Characters are highly individualized, their actions and reactions equally dictated by blind luck and personal "rep" as much--or more--than intent. Play is simple, deadly and effected by psychology and personality. Rules include not just gunplay, but detailed (but playable) car chases, the moral effects of such things as police sirens, mob panic, and character "presence," as well as unforeseen circumstance. Further, Civilians play a crucial--if unwitting and involuntary--part as well! Heaven help the Gangster--or Cop!--who "drills" a citizen instead!

Play is also linked to Mean Streets (already available from TVAG), the highly detailed 28mm scale card stock City project, to provide the crucial and heretofore ignored geography of urban violence.

So, grab your "gat!" It's time for a torpedo like you to take goons what don't know how to cooperate for a one way ride. Just put 'em on ice before somebody yells, "Cheezit, the Cops!"

Projected release: PENDING!

Send A Gunboat "Send A Gunboat!"
Another victim of the Great Crash of '04, the line formerly known as "Boat In A Bag" has returned in an altogether new form in support of Boilers And Breechloaders, or any other use war gamers might have. This time, models are available either as PDF's for self printing, or fully assembled by my master modeler and designer, Richard Houston.

Further, models will now be duplicated in both 25mm and 15mm scales. At least three basic Hull types will be provided (Wooden, "Protected," and Armored), as well as in Screw Driven, Side-wheeler, and Sternwheeler configurations. To see the first releases, visit the Send A Gunboat Page for existing models and details.

Side Wheelers and Screw Driven designs, plus a new Junk and and four Prahu's have been completed and will go up as soon as their photos are ready!

Projected Next Release: Pending!

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