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Back from the ashes of the Great Crash of ‘04, Studio 33 comes fighting back with a greatly expanded cardstock building line in support of the exciting War Game Rules for the battles of Rajah Brooke against the Pirates and Headhunters of Borneo!

Not only are there twice as many different designs as before, but now you may choose from models in both 15mm and 28mm scale! Better still, a bamboo walled fort is also available in 15mm scale.

All models are designed with superior photographic bamboo, thatch, and hard wood textures in order to provide a remarkably detailed and convincing “feel” to your battles capes, be they in the East Indies, the Philippines, or most any tropical setting. Requiring only scissors, a craft knife, white glue, and in some cases 1/4” dowel cut to various lengths, all PDF's are ready to print, then cut out and assemble for immediate use. By adding your own heavy matte or foam core board for bracing, they will last for many years of active gaming.

There are 8 different building designs in 28mm scale which may be bought singly or as a set, and are duplicated with some small changes in 15mm. These designs will work anytime from the day of Rajah Brooke up through 1898 in the Philippines, subsequent actions against the Insurectos and Moros, and throughout the region up through WW II.

Though many buildings are printed showing doors and windows “open,” these may be cut out for actual use, and most have finished floor sections included for those wishing to place figures inside. Once again, when properly backed by matte board or foam core/feather board pieces, these models are sturdy and ready for a lifetime of gaming use.

(The Longhouses, with decks running around them, are shown supported by pilings. These are NOT provided, but are easily fashioned from dowel, the thicker type of bamboo skewers, or other small scrap in your bits box.)

28mm Scale Models
PLEASE NOTE: All models are sold as PDF's which will be sent via E-mail Postage free.

New Lower Prices! (1/5/2016)

28 mm Hut #1

Cane Walled Longhouse 5” x 2.5” x3”, on large Bamboo platform.
Price: $5.00

28 mm Hut #2
Cane Walled Hut 2.5” square x 3” high, on large Bamboo platform.

28 mm Hut #3
Bamboo pole walled 6” x 2” x 4”on large Bamboo platform.
Price: $5.00

28 mm Hut #4
Thatch Walled Longhouse 6” x 2.5” x 3 high, on large Bamboo platform.
Price: $5.00

28 mm Hut #5
Thatch Hut 3.5 square and high” resting on ground.

28 mm Hut #6
Thatch Hut 3.5” square and 3.5” high, resting on ground.

28 mm Hut #7
Thatch Hut 3” square and 3” high, elevated above ground with porch.

28 mm Hut #8
Thatch Hut 3” square and 3” high, elevated above ground with porch.

Entire 28mm Hut Collection
All Previous 8 Buildings, a $40.00 Value!

15mm Scale Models

15 mm Hut #1
2 Cane Walled Longhouses mounted on wide Bamboo platforms, each building 2.5” x 1” x 1.5”.

15 mm Hut #2
2 Cane Walled Huts, each building 1” square and 1.5” high mounted on wide platforms.

15mm Hut #3
2 Longhouses made of Bamboo poles mounted on platforms, each 3” x 1” x 1.5” high.

15mm Hut #4
2 Longhouses made of thatch mounted on platforms, each 3” x 1” x 1.5” high.

15mm Hut #5
4 thatch Huts (two types) each 1.5” square and 1.5” high resting on ground.

15mm Hut #6
2 thatch houses with elevated floors and porch, each 1.5” square and 1.5” high.

15mm Fort
Four sided square Fort with ramparts, walls 9.5” square and 2” high, complete with pole walled Longhouse 3” x 1” x 1.5” high, mounted on large platform.

Entire 15mm Hut Collection
All 9 previous designs, including the Fort (totaling 15 separate buildings), a $40.00 value!
Price: $20.00

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