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The Mahdist Wars Flag Collection

The Mahdist Wars Flag Collection

As part of the research for the Mahdist Wars Source Book, Eric Cox researched and designed full color renderings of the original flag examples which appeared some 25 years ago in Savage And Soldier Magazine.  With new information and advice from acknowledged expert Douglas Johnson, plus new photographic examples being provided by Michael Scott in the UK, he has been able to produce the last word in authentic Mahdist and Egyptian Army Flags for the Sudan.

With his usual thoroughness and attention to detail, Eric has produced the definitive Mahdist War Flags Collection.  Not only has he duplicated each existing example of flags, but by following what can be deduced from them has provided large numbers of variants to match.  All texts are the authentic, original Arabic, with translations provided.  Fine details of calligraphy have been faithfully duplicated so that flags made by different tailors retain their unique qualities--and quirks!

Sometime after the fall of Khartoum to the Ansar, a Tailor of Flags was established and a certain uniformity of flag design was imposed upon the Mahdiyya.  Each Emir who led his own men into battle carried his own flag, which tended to be larger than those of the Rubs under him.  Thus, each Set of Mahdist Flags has several, different large flags for a number of Emirs.  Each of these designs has four smaller, identical versions to be carried by that many Rubs led by the same Emir.

If more than four matching Rub flags are desired, they may be specially ordered by contacting TVAG by E-mail.

Further, each Flag Set is provided in all five of the major gaming scales--54mm, 25/28mm. 20mm, 15mm, and 6mm.  The number of flags in each Set varies depending on scale, but the current totals range between 235 (in 54mm) and 417 (in 6mm).  As usual, each Flag Set costs the same price irrespective of scale.

All flag Sets are professionally printed on light paper for more realistic texture and thickness. What will not be clear in the sample pages below is the sharpness of detail, the somewhat faded colors, and on the one-sided flags the "bleed through" of the details from one side to the other.

More Mahdist Flag Sets will be produced as new flag examples are provided to us from Britain (or elsewhere!).

Please Note: The samples shown for each Set do not show all the flags in each, except for the Mahdist "Movie Flags" which are printed on a single sheet.

New Egyptian Army Set

New Egyptian Army

From 46 to 62 flags (depending on scale) representing all 18 Battalions (Egyptian and Sudanese) raised during the Sudan Campaigns, plus individual Company Flags, Command Flags, and two versions of the Presentation Colors of the famous IXth Sudanese.

15.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

Mahdist "Named" Flags Set

Mahdist Named Flag Set

MWF "Named" Flags Set

Personal Flags of known Emirs, all four Khalifas, and the Mahdi himself. From 21 to 56 Flags.

15.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

Mahdist Flag Set #1

Mahdist Flag Set #1

A variety of flags flown and captured at either Omdurman or the Atbara. From 56 to 101 separate flags (depending on scale).

$15.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

Mahdist Flag Set #2

Mahdist Flag Set #2


15.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

Mahdist Flag Set #3

Mahdist Flag Set #3


From 52 to 88 unique versions of Flags, including some captured at Tofrek that show different patterns, including being detailed on both sides, and possibly representing earlier period designs.

15.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

Mahdist "Movie Flags" Set

Mahdist Movie Flags

MWF-Movie Flags
Flag designs copied from those appearing in the 1939 version of "The Four Feathers" and the 1966 "Khartoum." Some flags, especially in the latter, were quite authentic, while others may be wildly conjectural. However, as both films were made on location in Egypt, it seems at least possible that other, authentic examples might have been copied. So, if only for fans of either film, here they are!

15.00 per Set

Please Specify Desired Scale

"The Whole Camel Load!"

The Twit That Made All The Trouble

All 6 Sets of Flags, in your choice of scale, for a "Special Friend of Ahmed's" discount price of $60.00--a savings of $30.00 off the total, single Sets price!


Please Specify Desired Scale

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