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The Official Funny Little Wars Flags Collection--the perfect accessory for your 54mm scale Armies to be used with Padre Paul Wright's "instant classic" rules.

Each of the 14 Armies listed in FLW is more than a little reminiscent of an historical counterpart, but in the spirit of HG Well's original game, the rules coyly provide them with new identities by Color. Thus, "Army Red" seems remarkably like an Empire once known as "Great Britain," and "Army Black" is hard, professional, favors Pickelhauben and Jack Boots, and rather eager to prove itself.

You get the picture.

So, you've made your choice of one or more Armies to collect, but how can you identify your proud toy soldier units as they march across the yard into battle? In a Tournament Game, how would you know who you're facing across the field for the first time?  By Battalions, Regiments, and Batteries having their own National and Unit Flags, of course!

Little Flags provides full sets of these for each Army, including the fictional countries of Ruritania and the Grand Duchy of Gerolstein.  Each set uses that Army's "Color" on the field of most flags for immediate recognition, and also offers variations for unit types in that Army.

The number of flags in each two-page set varies depending on the unit types and numbers recommended on the specific Army List in the rules.  However, this is usually about 20, and often more.  All sets include a large "National Color," and flags for each Infantry Battalion, Cavalry Regiment, Artillery Battery, and such special units as called for (Cyclists, Volunteers, etc).

There are also Command/HQ Flags for one Division, one or two Infantry Brigades, and a Cavalry Brigade. Further, these flags are duplicated in reduced size for mounting on the fenders of your Staff Cars!

The text on each flag is in its proper native language and font, with translations provided on the page. Because these are emphatically for "Funny Little Wars," don't be surprised at some of what you might see and read!

Most Units are identified as the "First..." of its type ("First Guards Infantry Battalion," "First Lancer Regiment," "Battery A, Field Artillery," etc) in order to allow collectors to add more units to their Armies and keep their identities in order.

Each printed set costs $10.00, thus each flag costs about 50 Cents or less.
PDF file versions for self printing are only $5.00 each!

Custom Flag Designs Available!
If your Army Flag set has two Elite Units, and you wish to raise another, no problem! E-mail TVAG and just say what you need--it's name or number, and perhaps any motto or special device to appear on it.

Using the existing master designs, it should be possible to give you exactly what you want, and then have it E-mailed to you as a PDF for self-printing.

The charge per flag is $3.00 --and not a penny more! If you order from five to ten flags at one time, the charge will be a flat $15.00 for them all. The price for more than ten flags will depend on the time required.

And while all flags are scaled to work with 54mm figures, don't hesitate to ask for any in other scales.

Multiple Printed Sets Discount!

Buy any three (3) Printed Sets and take a fourth one FREE! (due to the "Brain Free" Shopping Cart, you will still be charged, but will have your additional payment refunded when your Order is acknowledged).

This discount does not apply to PDF purchases.

So, there you have it! The flags you need to make your Armies come alive with character, personality, and fun, and they needn't end when you've bought your set. You may expand your Armies and still have the proper flags.  Playing with other collectors?  Now your Armies can be combined, each Battalion, Regiment, and Battery all marching under their individual Official Flags, recognized by fellow "Funny Little Warriors" around the world.

Alright, now here they are, and have fun with them!

Individual Flag Sets

Printed Sets: Each $10.00 (Plus Postage)
PDF's: $5.00 Each (Post Free E-mail Delivery)

Army Black Army Black

Army Black
Printed Version

PDF Version

Army Cerise Army Cerise

Army Cerise
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Dark Green Army Dark Green

Army Dark Green
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Horizon Blue Army Horizon Blue

Army Horizon Blue

PDF Version

Army Light Green Army Light Green

Army Light Green
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Purple Army Purple

Army Purple
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Red Army Red

Army Red
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Red/Gold Army Red/Gold

Army Red/Gold
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Red/White Army Red/White

Army Red/ White
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Red/White/Green Army Red/White/Green

Army Red / White / Green
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Red/White/Blue Army Red/White/Blue


Red/ White / Blue
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Saffron Army Saffron


Printed Version


PDF Version

Army White Army White

Army White
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army of Ruritania Army of Ruritania

Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Grand Duchy of Gerolstein Army Grand Duchy of Gerolstein

The Grand Duchy of Gerolstein
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Line Green of the North Army Line Green of the North

Army Lime Green--Army of the North
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Line Green of the South Army Line Green of the South

Army Lime Green --Army of the South
Printed Version


PDF Version

SPECIAL! Order both sets--Armies of the North and South, for $15.00! Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Black/Cornflower Blue Army Black/Cornflower Blue

Army Black/Cornflower Blue
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Khaki Army Khaki

Army Khaki
Printed Version


PDF Version

Army Black/Gold Army Black Gold

Army Black/Gold
Printed Version


PDF Version

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