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Rules Set for Miniatures Gaming

Urban Gang Combat in 19th Century America... or anywhere...

B'hoys! Rulebook Cover


by Chris Ferree & Patrick Wilson

B'hoys! is a detailed game system based entirely upon Herbert Asbury's The Gangs of New York. Emphasizing the fluid nature of mob vs. mob street-fighting, and the dynamics of such contests, the rules use specially designed Action Cards to determine order of movement and cue test points for "Resolve."

Rules cover Gangsters, Police and Soldiers as well as "Laundry Guards," Barricades, "Banshee Screams," Eye Gouging, Biting Attacks, and a wide range of brawling techniques.

B'hoys! is now available exclusively from TVAG.

An entirely novel approach to 1:1 war games, representing street brawls and full blown riots between gangs in the narrow streets, players can now experience truly anarchic combat with Clubs, Knives, "Barking Irons," Slung-Shots, Brickbats, Pole Arms, Pitchforks, and Muskets. Get close enough, and the "Sluggers," "Bruisers," and "Blokes" of your gangs can grapple with Eye-gouging, Biting, Bladed, Clawing, Stomping, and Bare Hands attacks, all under a warm rain of "Irish Confetti."

When things get wild enough, patrols of "Crushers" (the Police) can arrive with Nightsticks and pistols to hammer the crowds back. And, when the situation goes completely mad, soldiers of Volunteer Militias--or even Federal Troops--will show up with rifled muskets and fixed bayonets!

Many players have observed that B'hoys! serves as an excellent basis for any low-tech, small-group, hand-to-hand actions in nearly any culture or historical period.

Read an independent review of B'hoys! in the Yahoo! Colonial Wars Discussion Group .

B'hoys! may now be ordered through the TVAG CreateSpace Shop for $25.00, plus postage. (Please enter "B'hoys" as the requested Password to access the book for purchase through Amazon.) It may also be ordered directly from TVAG in PDF Format, postage free.

And don't miss these essential items for your B'hoys:

"B'hoys!" Figures
from Thrilling Combat Miniatures

Master sculptor Bobby Jackson captures the feel of the historical personages of early 19th Century New York in 28mm metal miniatures. GO THERE!

"B'hoys Towne"
Full color, card stock buildings and accessories to represent the streets and neighborhoods of New York or any other 19th C. American town.

Also useful for colonial-era gaming in other parts of the world.

Go slumming in "B'hoys Towne!"

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Home Neighborhood
(and watch yer step, Bruiser).

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