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The Preziosi Collection
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The Preziosi Collection
19th Century & Colonial Era
Orders of Battle

Compiled and Edited by Andrew Preziosi

British Colonial Listings: 1891-1908

*= Enemy OOB material also included. Ranging from rough #ís to fairly sophisticated detail.

Northeast Frontier, 1894

NEF.17 The 3rd Abor Expedition, Assam, January 10th, 1894


Price: $3.00


Northwest Frontier: Waziristan

Khyber.40 Order of Battle, Delimitation Commission Escort, Waziristan, Nov. 1894

Khyber.41 Order of Battle, The Mahsoud Expedition, Waziristan FF, Nov 1894-Mar. 1895


Price: $6.00


Northwest Frontier: The Chitral Campaign:

Khyber.42 Order of Battle, British Garrisons, Chitral Province & Gilgit Agency, Mar. 95

Khyber.43 Order of Battle, The Chitral Relief Force & Eastern(Kellyís) Column, Mar. 95


Price: $6.00


Re-Conquest of the Sudan

Sudan2.01 Order of Battle, Suakin Field Force, April-June 1896

Sudan2.02 Order of Battle, Army of the Sudan, Firket, June 7, 1896

Sudan2.03 Order of Battle, Army of the Sudan, Dongola Campaign, September 5, 1896

Sudan2.04 Order of Battle, The Flying Column, Abu Hamed, August 7, 1897

Sudan2.05 Order of Battle, The Army of the Sudan, (Pre-Atbara), March 20, 1898*

Sudan2.06 Order of Battle, The Army of the Sudan, Omdurman, Sept. 2, 1898*

Sudan2.07 Order of Battle, White Nile Expedition (Fashoda Incident), Sept. 19, 1898

Sudan2.08 Order of Battle, Blue Nile Expedition, January 10, 1899

Sudan2.09 Orders of Battle, Kassala Field Force, Gedaref Relief Expedition and The Ghezira Field     Force,  September-November, 1898

Sudan2.10 Order of Battle, Blue Nile Field Force, Dakhila, December 26,1898

Sudan2.11 Order of Battle, Kordofan Field Force, The Shirkela Reconnaissance, January 10, 1899

Sudan2.12 Order of Battle, 2nd Kordofan Field Force, Um-Dibaykarat, Nov. 24, 1899


Price: $30.00


Tirah and the NWF Uprising, 1897-98 

Khyber.44 Order of Battle, Political Agentís Escort, Ambush at Maizar, June 10, 1897

Khyber.45 Order of Battle, Tochi Valley Field Force, June-July, 1897

Khyber.46 Order of Battle, Attack on the Malakand Camps & Chakdara, July 26, 1897

Khyber.47 Order of Battle, Malakand Field Force, August-October, 1897

Khyber.48 Order of Battle, Buner Field Force, October, 1897- January 1898

Khyber.49 Order of Battle, The Mohmand Expedition, September 1897 (Cooperating w/the Malakand Field Force)

Khyber.50 Order of Battle, Kohat District Operations, August-September 1897

Khyber.51 Order of Battle, Tirah Expeditionary Force, October-December 1897

Khyber.52 Order of Battle, The Cis-Swat Utman Khel Expedition, November 22, 1897


Price: $27.00


Northeast Frontier, 1899

NEF.18 Order of Battle, The Mishmi Expedition, Assam, September 25, 1899


Price: $3.00


Northwest Frontier: The Mahsoud Blockade

Khyber.53 Order of Battle, The Mahsoud Blockade, November 1901-March 1902

Khyber.54 Order of Battle, The Mahsoud Blockade, End of 1902


Price: $6.00


Northeast Frontier: 1903-04

NEF.19 Order of Battle & Parade State, The Tibet/Lhassa Expedition, 1903-1904


Price: $3.00


Northwest Frontier: 1907

Khyber.55 Order of Battle, The Garrison of Gilgit, 1907


Price: $3.00


Mohmand Operations:

Khyber.56 Order of Battle, The Zakka Khel Expedition, February 12, 1908

Khyber.57 Order of Battle, The Mohmand Field Force, April-May, 1908


Price: $6.00

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