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The Preziosi Collection
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The Preziosi Collection
19th Century & Colonial Era
Orders of Battle

Compiled and Edited by Andrew Preziosi

British Colonial Wars, 1806-1838 


Arabia.01- Order of Battle, 1st Ras-al-Khaimah Expedition, Nov 11, 1809

Arabia.02- Order of Battle, 2nd Ras-al-Khaimah Expedition, Nov. 3, 1819

Arabia.03- Order of Battle, Bani-Bu-Ali Expedition, November 1820

Arabia.04- Order of Battle, Aden Expeditions (4), 1838-1900


Price: $12.00


Malay.01- Order of Battle, Malayan Expeditions (3), 1831-1878


Price: $3.00

Nepal: The (1st) Gurkha War

Nepal.01- Order of Battle, Katmandu Column, Nov. 15, 1814

Nepal.02- Order of Battle, Bhutpal Column, Nov. 15, 1814

Nepal.03- Order of Battle, Dehra Dun Column, Oct. 31, 1815

Nepal.04- Order of Battle, Arki Column, Oct. 31, 1815

Nepal.05- Order of Battle, Hataura Column, Dec. 10, 1815

Nepal.06- Order of Battle, British Army of Nepal, February 1816


Price: $18.00


Persia.01- Persian New Model (Regular) Army, Azerbaijan Province, 1815

Persia.02- Persian New Model (Regular) Army, Azerbaijan Province, 1819


Price: $6.00

The Pindari (or 3rd Mahratta) War

Pindari.01- Abstract Return, Grand Army of Central India, July 1817

Pindari.02- Order of Battle, Action of Sitibaldi (Nagpur), Nov. 25, 1817

Pindari.03- Order of Battle, Army of the Deccan (South), Dec. 21, 1817

Pindari.04- Order of Battle, British Columns of Suppression, Ashti, Feb. 20, 1818

Pindari.05- Order of Battle, Siege of Asirgarh, Feb-April, 1820

Pindari.06*- Abstract Return, Action of Kirkee (Poonah), November 5, 1817


Price: $15.00

1st Burma War

Burma1.01- Order of Battle, British Expeditionary Force, April 1824

Burma1.02- Order of Battle, British Arakan Expedition, January 1825


Price: $6.00


Bhurtpore.01- Order of Battle, British Army, Siege of Bhurtpore, Dec-Jan, 1825


Price: $3.00


Coorg.01-Order of Battle, Expedition against Coorg, April 2, 1834


Price: $ 3.00

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