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The Preziosi Collection
19th Century & Colonial Era
Orders of Battle

Compiled and Edited by Andrew Preziosi

British Colonial Wars, 1839-1855 

*= Enemy OOB material also included. Ranging from rough #’s to fairly sophisticated detail.


1st Afghan War

Afghan1.01-Order of Battle, British Army of Afghanistan, Nov-Dec 1838

Afghan1.02-Order of Battle, The Storming of Ghazni, July 23, 1839 *

Afghan1.03-Order of Battle, Garrisons of & the 1st Evacuation of Afghan

Afghan1.04-Order of Battle, Distribution of Forces, Army of Afghanistan

Afghan1.05: A)-Order of Battle, British Retreat from Kabul, 1842

B)-Order of Battle, Garrison of Jalalabad, 1841/42

Afghan1.06-Order of Battle, Army of the Khyber, April 1842

Afghan1.07-Order of Battle, Army of the Khyber, May 6, 1842

Afghan1.08-Parade State, Army of the Reserve, June 20, 1842


Price: $24.00


The "Opium War" (1st China War)

China.01-Order of Battle, The British Eastern Expeditionary Force, May-June 1840

China.02-Order of Battle, Battle of the Bogue Forts, January 7, 1841

China.03-Order of Battle, British Forces, Canton, May 25, 1841

China.04-Order of Battle, British Forces, Amoy, August 24, 1841

China.05-Order of Battle, British Forces, Chusan-Tinghai, October 1, 1841*

China.06-Order of Battle, British Forces, Chinhai, October 10, 1841*

China.07-Order of Battle, British Forces, Chapu, May 18, 1842*

China.08-Order of Battle, British Forces, Nanking, July 21, 1842


Price: $24.00


Eastern Baluchistan:

East Baluchistan.01-Eastern Baluchistan Operations, June 1839-Jan. 1845


Price: $3.00


Kalat.01-Order of Battle, British Forces, Siege of Kalat, Nov. 13, 1839

Kalat.02-Order of Battle, British Forces, Battle of Kotra, Dec. 1, 1840


Price: $6.00

TheConquest of Scindia, 1843

Scinde.01-Order of Battle, British Army, Battle of Miani, Feb.17, 1843*

Scinde.02-Order of Battle, British Army, Battle of Hyderabad, Mar.24, 1843*


Price: $6.00

The Conquest of Gwalior, 1843

Gwalior.01-Order of Battle, British Army of Observation, Maharajapore, Dec 29, 1843*

Gwalior.02-Order of Battle, Left Wing, Army of Observation, Panniar, Dec. 29, 1843*


Price: $6.00

1st Sikh War, 1845-46

Sikh1.01-Situation, British Garrisons and Posts, The Sirhind (Admin.) Division, Dec. 11, 1845

Sikh1.02-Order of Battle, British “Army of the Sutlej”, Mudki, Dec. 18, 1845

Sikh1.03-Order of Battle, British “Army of the Sutlej”, Ferozeshah, Dec. 21/22, 1845

Sikh1.04-Situation and Positions, British “Army of the Sutlej”, Jan. 19, 1846

Sikh1.05-Order of Battle, Detached Wing, “Army of the Sutlej”, Aliwal, Jan. 28, 1846

Sikh1.06-Order of Battle, British “Army of the Sutlej”, Sabraon, Feb 10, 1846

Sikh1.07-Order of Battle, Lal Singh’s Wing, Mudki, December 18, 1845

Sikh1.08-Order of Battle, Lal Singh’s Wing, Ferozeshah, Dec. 21/22, 1845

Sikh1.09-Order of Battle, Tej Singh’s Wing, Ferozeshah, Dec. 21/22, 1845

Sikh1.10-Order of Battle, The Sikh Army, Aliwal, January 28, 1846

Sikh1.11-Order of Battle, The Sikh Army, Sabraon, February 10, 1846

Sikh1.12-Order of Battle, Sikh Garrisons and Field Forces, 1845-46

Sikh1.13-Order of Battle, British Forces, Kote Kangra Expedition, April-May 1846

Sikh1.14-1st Sikh War, Sikh Order of Battle Explanations/Definitions- FREE (w/purchase)


Price: $36.00

2nd Sikh War, 1848-49

Sikh2.01-Order of Battle, British Forces, Siege of Multan, 1848-49

Sikh2.02-Order of Battle, Right Wing, British “Army of the Punjab”, Sadulapore, Dec 3, 1848

Sikh2.03-Order of Battle, “Army of the Punjab:. Chillianwallah, Jan. 13, 1849

Sikh2.04-Order of Battle, “Army of the Punjab”, Gujerat, Feb. 21, 1849

Sikh2.05-Order of Battle, The Sikh Army, Chillianwallah

Sikh2.06-Order of Battle, The Sikh Army, Gujerat


Price: $ 18.00

2nd Burma War, 1852-53

Burma2.01-British Army (Division) of Burma, April 8, 1852

Burma2.02-British Army of Burma, August 25, 1852


Price: $6.00

Northwest Frontier Expeditions, 1853-54

Khyber.08- Shirani Expedition, April 1853

Khyber.09- Karani Expedition, April 1853

Khyber.10- Kohat Pass Jawaki Afridis Expedition, November 1853


Price: $9.00

Northwest Frontier Expeditions, 1854-56

Khyber.11-Order of Battle, Michni Mohmand Expedition, August 1855

Khyber12-Order of Battle, Aka Khel Afridi Expeditions, Feb./March 1855

Khyber.13-Order of Battle, Orakzais Expedition, Aug.-Sept. 1855

Khyber.14-Order of Battle, Miranzai & Kurram Valley Field Force, April 1855-Nov. 1856


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