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The Preziosi Collection
19th Century & Colonial Era
Orders of Battle

Compiled and Edited by Andrew Preziosi

French Campaigns in Algeria, 1830-1871


Algerian Campaign Set #1

Algeria30.00 The French Fleet, Algerian Expedition, 1830

Algeria30.01 Army of Expedition, Algeria, 1830

Algeria30.02 Expedition de Medeah and Medtija, Nov. 17, 1830

Algeria31.00 Order of Battle, French Army of Algeria, February 1831

Algeria31.01 2nd Medeah Expeditionary Force, June 23, 1831

Algeria32.00 2nd Medtija Expeditionary Force, June 10, 1832

Algeria33.00 Army of Algeria (Algiers Division), May 1, 1833

Algeria35.00 La Macta Expeditionary Force, June 26,1835

Algeria35.01 Mascara Expeditionary Force, December 1835


Price: $27.00


Algerian Campaign Set #2

Algeria36.00 French Expeditionary Force, Tlemcen, Jan.-Feb., 1836

Algeria36.01 TEF, Garrison of Fort Rachgoun, January 25, 1835

Algeria36.02 Atlas Expeditionary Force, April 1836

Algeria36.03 Tafna Expeditionary Force, Oran Division, April 1836

Algeria36.04 La Sickack Expedition (forming), Oran Division, April ‘36

Algeria36.05 La Sickack Expedition, Action of July 6, 1836

Algeria36.06 1st Constantine Expeditionary Force, Bone Div, Nov. 1836

Algeria36.07 Tlemcen Revictual Column, Oran Division, Nov. 23, 1836


Price: $24.00


Algerian Campaign Set #3

Algeria37.00 The Army of Africa, Divisional Garrisons, April 2, 1837

Algeria37.01 Constantine Reconnaissance Corps, May 7, 1837

Algeria37.02 Boudouaoa Expeditionary Force, May 18, 1837

Algeria37.03 Order of Battle, The French Mjez-Ahmar Column, 8/9/37

Algeria37.04 2nd Constantine Expeditionary Force, Bone Div, Oct. 1837

Algeria37.05 The Storming of Constantine, October 13, 1837

Algeria37.06 Alternate French OB, Storming of Constantine, 10/13/37

Algeria37.07 Order of Battle, French Garrison of Constantine, 11/1/37


Price: $24.00


Algerian Campaign Set #4

Algeria38XX.00 Order of Battle, French Garrison of Constantine, February 10, 1838

Algeria38XX.01 Order of Battle, Kolea Column, March 26, 1838

Algeria39.00 Corps of Operations, October 1839

Algeria40.00 Order of Battle, Combat of d’Oued-el-Alleg, Dec.1st, 1839

Algeria41.00 Medeah Expedition, April 4, 1841

Algeria41.01 Milianah Expedition, April 27, 1841

Algeria41.02 Tackdempt Expedition, May 18, 1841

Algeria42.00 Blida Expeditionary Force, May 14, 1842

Algeria42.01 Cheliff Valley Expeditionary Force, May 17, 1842

Algeria42.02 Milianah Expeditionary Force, November 25, 1842


Price: $30.00


Algerian Campaign Set #5

Algeria43.00 Bugeaud’s Column, February 20, 1843

Algeria43.01 Milianah Revictual Column, April 26, 1843

Algeria44.YY Duke D’Aumale’s Constantine Column, Feb.-March, 1844

Algeria44.ZZ French Naval Squadron, Tangiers, August 6, 1844

Algeria44.XX French Expeditionary Force, Battle of Isly, August 16, 1844

Algeria45.00 French Forces, Action of Sidi-Brahim, September 23-26, 1845

Algeria47.00 French Exped. Force, Algerian Sahara, Tlemcen, 4/1/47

Algeria52.00 1st Laghouat Expedition, Boghar, February 17, 1852

Algeria52.XX 2nd Laghouat Expedition, December 4, 1852

Algeria59.00 French Expeditionary Corps, Morocco, Kiss, 10/21/1859


Price: $30.00

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