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The Preziosi Collection
19th Century & Colonial Era
Orders of Battle

Compiled and Edited by Andrew Preziosi

British Colonial Wars, 1882-1891


NW and NE Frontier 1881-1884:

Khyber.27-Bozdar Field Force, December 1881

NEFrontr.06-The Aka Expedition, Assam, December 1883

Khyber.28-The Takht-I-Suliman Expedition, Nov./Dec. 1883

Khyber.29-Zhob Valley Expedition, October 1884-


Price: $12.00

Arabi Revolt (Egyptian War), 1882

Arabi.000-The British Mediterranean Fleet, July 11, 1882

Arabi.00- The Indian Division, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, August 1, 1882

Arabi.01-The Cairo Expeditionary Force, August 1882

Arabi.02-The Occupation of Alexandria, 1882, British Arrivals and Reinforcements

Arabi.03-British Advance from Ismailia, Tel-el-Mahuta, August 24th, 1882

Arabi.04-Advance from Ismailia, Combat of Mahsameh, August 25th, 1882

Arabi.05-Distribution of Forces, British 1st Army Corps, August 27, 1882

Arabi.06-British Forces, 1st Kassassin, August 28th, 1882

Arabi.07-British Forces, 2nd Kassassin, September 9th, 1882

Arabi.08-British 1st Army Corps, C.E. F., Tel-el-Kebir, September 13, 1882

Arabi.09- Dispositions, The Egyptian Insurgent Army, August/September, 1882

Arabi.10- The Egyptian Insurgent Army, Tel-el-Kebir, September 12, 1882


Price: $30.00

The Sudan Revolt, 1883-1885, Set #1

Hicks.00- Soudan Field Force (Hicks Pasha Expedition), Kashgil, Nov. 5, 1883

Khartoum.01- Egyptian-Sudanese Division, Khartoum, January, 1885

Khartoum.02- The Egyptian-Sudanese Division, Khartoum, January 25, 1885

Khartoum.03- Mahdist Forces, Siege and Assault of Khartoum, January 1885


Price: $12.00

The Sudan Revolt, 1883-1885, Set #2

Sudan.00- The British Staff, The Gordon Relief Expedition, 1884

Sudan.01-Dispositions…of Anglo-Egyptian Troops, Nov. 18, 1884

Sudan.02- Order of Battle, The Desert Column, January-February 1885

Sudan.03- Order of Battle, The River Column, Korti, January 4, 1885

Sudan.04- The River Column, Battle of Kirbekan, February 10, 1885

Sudan.05- The River Column, Return to Meroe, February 24, 1885

Sudan.06- Dispositions…of Anglo-Egyptian Troops, June 26, 1885


Price: $21.00

The Sudan Revolt, 1883-1885, Set #3

Suakin.00- Egyptian Forces, 2nd Battle of El Teb, Feb. 4th, 1883

Suakin.01- British Suakin Expeditionary Force, Battles of El Teb and Tamai

Suakin.02- British Expeditionary Force, Suakin, March 1885


Price: $9.00

The Sudan Revolt, 1883-1885, Set #4

Sudan.07- Dispositions and Concentrations of Anglo-Egyptian Troops, December 10, 1885

Sudan.08- Order of Battle, British Frontier Field Force, Battle of Ginniss

Sudan.09- British Forces, Battle of Gamaiza, December 20, 1888

Sudan.10- Order of Battle, British Forces, Battle of Argin, June 28, 1889

Sudan.11- Order of Battle, The Nile Field Force, July 23, 1889

Sudan.12- Order of Battle, British Forces, Battle of Toski, August 3, 1889

Sudan.13- British Forces, Battle of Tokar, February 19, 1891


Price: $21.00

Canada The Riel Revolt, 1885

Canada2.01- Northwest Field Force, Batoche Column, Fish Creek, April 20, 1885

Canada2.02- Northwest Field Force, The Batoche Column, Batoche, May 12, 1885

Canada2.03-NWFF, The Battleford Column, Cut Knife Hill, May 2, 1885

Canada2.04- NWFF, The Alberta Field Force, Frenchman’s Butte, May 28, 1885

Canada2.05- NWFF, Base HQ and LOC Troops, April-May, 1885


Price: $15.00


3rd Burma War 1885-1891

Burma3.01-BEF, 3rd Burma War, October 21, 1885

Burma3.02-British Reinforcements, 3rd Burma War, 1886-1891


Price: $6.00

NW and NE Frontier 1886-1891 Set #1

NEFrontr.07-The Ponkan Expedition, Kachins, 1886

NEFrontr.08-The Shan Expedition, January-June 1887

NEFrontr.09-2nd Sikkim Expedition, February 25, 1888


Price: $9.00

NW and NE Frontier 1886-1891 Set #2

Khyber.30-3rd Black Mountain Expedition, Hazara FF, Sept. 7, 1888

Khyber.30/31-3rd Black Mountain Expedition, Oct. 20, 1888


Price: $6.00

NW and NE Frontier 1886-1891 Set #3

NEFrontr.10-The Lushai Expeditions, 1888-1892 (3 OBs)

NEFrontr.11-The Eastern Karenni Expedition, January 1, 1889

NEFrontr.12-The 3rd Ponkan Expedition, Kachins, March 1889

NEFrontr.13-The Tonhon Expedition, Kachins, 1889-1890

NEFrontr.14-The Chin-Lushai Expedition, 1889-1890


Price: $15.00

NW and NE Frontier 1886-1891 Set #4

Khyber.33-The Zhob Field Force, October-November 1890

Khyber.34-Escort, The Zhob & Gomal Valleys, Dec. 1889-Jan. 1890

NEFrontr.15-The Chin Expeditions, 1890-1891

NEFrontr.16-The Manipur Expedition, Assam, March-April 1891

Khyber.35-4th Black Mountain Expedition, March 1891


Price: $15.00

Northwest Frontier: 1891-92

Khyber.37 Order of Battle, First Miranzai Field Force, February 1891

Khyber.38 Order of Battle, Second Miranzai Field Force, February 1891

Khyber.39 Order of Battle, The Hunza-Nagar Field Force, December 1892


Price: $9.00


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