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"Gone To See The Elephant" Subscription opens.


U.S. Regulars & Volunteers Uniforms and Weapons Page for GTSTE opens.

October, 2017

The 15mm Special Mexican War Range To Be Released Simultaneously with GTSTE.

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September, 2017

Gone To See The Elephant

I can barely believe this one myself, but after some NINE YEARS of research, writing,re-writing, and countless diversions, the ms for this work is finally complete!

Prior to publication, TVAG will offer another subscription to raise cash for printing and mailing of copies, and as before, there will be a pre-publication discount price. However, a new wrinkle will an alternative offer as well. For those willing to pay the actual cover price as part of the subscription, a free set of 15mm castings of Mexican-American War generals Zachary Taylor, Winfield Scott, and Ol' Santy Anny hisse'f on horseback will be sent to the buyers. There will only 20 sets available, so they'll be "first come, first served."

These figures are part of the recently completed 15mm Special Mexican Army range to complement the optional rules in GTSTE. Besides the Three Generals, the range will include a pack of Soldaderas, Priests & Processional, Mexican Military Band, and Military Health Corps field hospital. The original sculpts have been completed and are going in to have master and production molds made ASAP. The plan is to release the printed rule books and Graphic Supplement at the same time as the miniatures, and that is supposed to happen by early October this year.

More details of the Subscription and other unique features of the GTSTE system will follow and be promoted through The Miniatures Page and elsewhere.

Splendid Little Warriors

The formal restock of "Rough Riders!" (RR!) and initial stocks of the "Perdicaris Alive or Raisuli Dead!" (PAORD) 15mm ranges has taken far longer than anticipated, but are now one new mold cutting away from completion. Both ranges will be formally announced by early October.

After that, the plan is to return the Rajah Brooke range of 15mm castings for use with The Kris And The Flame, the rules for which will also be re-released at that time. All but one or two new sculpts for this range are in hand and ready to go into new production molds, and everything will be released at once. This will include the original Malay, Ilunan, and Chinese Pirates, Dyaks, and Royal Navy sailors and landing parties. A range of card stock ship models has long been completed and will be released with the figures and rules. New war canoe and other models cast in either metal or resin will be coming out ASAP to provide all accessories for the amphibious actions TKATF provides.

Next, the old 25mm range of figures for Knights of The Pacific Northwest will return.Inuits, Tlingkits, and Russians ("Oh My!") will once again rock 'n roll with each other off the Alaskan Coasts, this time with some new additions, and an updated set of the rules.

There are so many more 25mm Colonial ranges to bring back, they're too many to list here, but it appears the logjam faced that faced the RR! and PAORD ranges has broken, and now the flow of old and new ranges can begin!


And now, we return you to the dance portion of our broadcast....


"In The Pipe"

This page provides progress reports on the latest projects under development for TVAG. Just click on "In The Pipe" here or on the Navigation Bar button under "Features" to take a first peak at new rules titles, gaming accessories and miniatures lines in various stages of development.

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