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"Landlocked Shipyard"

Another exclusive vendor has joined TVAG to the mutual benefit of all parties involved--and that includes the War Gaming Fraternity!

The Chief Architect (let's call him... "Captain Nemo") has been making waterline war game boat and ship models by commission for years, and the photos of his handiwork speak for themselves.

"Nemo" frequently uses blue-board (expanded, extruded polystyrene foam), the popular material preferred by many modelers, which translates to light-weight, yet sturdy, items perfectly suited for table-top and floor gaming use. Once carved, hulls are completed with printed and/or painted card for smooth lines and durability. Consequently, these models are also less expensive than those made of wood and metal.

A number of 28mm models are available for sale immediately and may (for now, at least) be considered "one-offs" which may be all he will make of those shown below. Other designs will be offered very inexpensively in PDF File form for self printing and assembly, but also as assembled models, ready for use, though at appropriately higher cost.

The Chief Architect will provide new models as the Muses direct him, and/or as there is demand, so once you see examples of what he is doing, feel free to E-mail TVAG with a request and a price quote for your commission. Who knows? Your wild hair might be the next "stock item" to come from Landlocked Shipyard.

The "Shipyard" and it's contents are still under construction, but we hope to add several remarkable models all at once, and soon! Please come back often to check on progress!

28mm Models for Beer and Booze Boat Battles off the Coasts of Prohibition America, 1919-1933

For fourteen years, small ports, large ports, and even empty beaches saw an unusual amount of coastal traffic--and most of it by night--as the supply of illegal beer, whisky, wine, and more made its way to thirsty American law-breakers with the aid of the Bootleggers who served them. "Rum Runners" brought alcohol from Canada, Mexico, and even beyond to the U.S. 12-Mile Limit where their valuable cargoes were met by common sailors--and men in silk suits. With practiced speed, loads of crates and barrels were off-loaded from trawlers, freighters, and other craft onto smaller, faster boats that would then run for the shore. A pleasant evening's boating was not always the result.

For these same waters were patrolled by the United States Coast Guard and local authorities, all trying to stem the running tide of liquor by making the price of business too high. Sometimes they were lucky, or had a tip from a rival gang, and could intercept vessels and their cargoes. Usually, a capture went as routinely as the unloading of the booze to the fast boats making the run. And sometimes, a Rum Runner's business was worth shooting it out with Patrol and Police Boats on the open seas....

"Rum Runners!" is a dedicated line of 28mm self-assembly, waterline, boat models that allow gamers of Prohibition's "Beer Wars" to take their operations to sea. Instead of the careening Flivver and Model-T Truck, now the action can be just as fast on the water, with bullets flying--and even cannon shells! The full range of models will allow players to follow the entire routine of smuggling, from the large vessel with the Mother Lode of "rum," to several types of smaller boats move cargoes to the waiting trucks ashore. From innocent looking fishing trawlers, and elegant Chris Craft inboard motor boats, to purpose built high-speed boats trying to outrun the Coast Guard Cutters and Police Boats, all types will be offered.

All models will come ready inexpensively to print on only two or three card stock sheets (110# white is recommended), and self-assembled quickly and easily. Models will feature full color photographic textures, not only giving the most accurate and realistic look and feel, but eliminate any further need for painting prior to your games. Only white glue, scissors, a craft/X-acto knife, and some foam board and/or matte board is needed to make each model sturdy enough to last for years of fast action gaming.

Perhaps best of all, these models are so affordable, any gamer can build a virtual fleet of both Rum Runners, Police, and Coast Guard craft for less money than the figures you can put aboard them. Indeed, try finding these same model types at any price and in 28mm!

U.S. Coast Guard "Six-Bitters"
Add Some Serious Speed and Firepower With These!

US Coast Guard 'Six Bitters'


CG-"Six Bitter"


These first models are NOT card-stock! Built as "Nemo" does his best models, these are fully assembled and ready for sea. Only five of these models for sale, each distinguished by an actual hull number in the Class. Built in the early 1930's, these were the very vessels that chased bootleggers and smugglers up and down the coasts of the US during Prohibition, and beyond into World War II.

Larger Image

The Harbormaster's Boat

Prototype without graphic textures--new photos will be posted ASAP


The Harbormaster's Boat


One fellow who calls the shots on traffic in and out of port is the Harbormaster. His office is ashore, but whenever he is needed, he's on the spot in his personal gig with identifying flag. Evade him, bribe him, or shoot it out, but sooner or later you must deal with him! (The illustrations shown are of the Prototype design--the delivered product will be in full color featuring photographic textures.)

Larger Image

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