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54mm/1:32 Scale Imperial
Japanese Information Page

Imperial Battle Flag, 1904 Japanese Uniform Colors

The first new range of Little Warriors represents Imperial Japanese Soldiers and Sailors from 1900 to 1914. Appealing to fans of plastic figures, they come unpainted and cast in a choice of three colors—Infantry and Cavalry Dark Blue (for the early period), Khaki (for the later), and Navy personnel in Winter Blues and Summer Whites.

We believe we are the first and only manufacturer ever to represent all basic types of the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces in this scale, from the start—and at a fraction of the price for any such single figures in metal.

While Little Warriors may be enjoyed in the available casting colors, they are perfectly capable of being painted, either from head-to-toe, or just such parts of uniform or kit as are preferred.

The resin used is especially designed to take the usual hobby paints without need of priming, a real plus for Collectors and war gamers. Basic uniform information (colors, piping, facings, etc) is provided below, allowing Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Logistical Support, and other troops to be accurately represented for display, dioramas, and games in the era of the Boxer Rebellion, Russo-Japanese War, and even into 1914.

Belts, ammunition pouches, water bottles, etc, were of dark brown leather, as were boots which were greased, not shined. Gaiters were of white canvass year round. The Tropical/Summer Uniform could be worn with the usual Dark Blue caps, as indicated above, but commonly a white cloth cover was worn over these, making virtually the entire uniform white.

Collars were piped with the indicated colors, and about 1/3 of the way up cuff edge to elbow, a thin narrow stripe of the same color circled the sleeves of Privates, a double stripe for NCO's.

Senior Officers wore black frogging and brandenbourgs on their "mid-night blue" jackets, and black leather boots were common. Staff officers wore a seam stripe broader than that of the rest, and Generals wore a double stripe, all in the appropriate colors. Cavalry Officers wore the same frogging colors, etc, as their branch of service indicates.

The Imperial Japanese Navy hardly changed their uniforms at all during the first half of the 20th Century. As this period print shows, the uniform is essentially identical to that worn by all the world's Navies in that era. (Notice the Officer's gold hatband and the red rank stripes on the men).

The Summer White uniform is identical in form, while the collar remains the same blue color with single white stripe. Note the other details in this illustration.

Finally, here is a Naval Signaler in Winter Blues with his right (red) and left (white) Semaphore flags.

Army Cerise National Colors "Army Cerise"
For Funny Little Wars

Though the LW Japanese Army and Navy figures are historically authentic, and perfectly serve their value for display and war game use, they also enjoy a "secret identity" known to players of Padre Paul Wright's Funny Little Wars and it's companion volume, Little Campaigns.

"Army Cerise" is the FLW version of this particular fighting force, and its name is in keeping with H. G. Wells' original practice of assigning color names to his miniatures armies. Under The Padre's watch, the original Armies "Red" And "Blue" have been joined by a veritable rainbow of new colors and color combinations in order to identify the many miniature armies that players and collectors may wish to build as part of the FLW world.

While each army may have striking similarities to an historical counterpart, there is greater freedom and more room for eccentricity by not having exactly to model the organization and practices of its model. As rather more innocent "doppelgangers," Funny Little Wars armies can revel in the legends and lore, and enjoy something like caricatures of the original: Not in a mean spirit, but more in the way we played with toy soldiers as children, when Villains could tug at handlebar moustaches and speak in comical accents, dashing young Heroes led thundering cavalry charges to glory, Generals traveled in classic early motor cars, and could even have feminine Companions (possibly masked) to join them.

Every army in FLW has a unique listing provided with the rules describing how many figures of what types of units would go to make up a Division for use in a game. Of course, not nearly so many figures/units are necessary for play, but the list does provide a blueprint for what would be a complete and balanced collection.

Besides basic numbers and unit types, the list provides troop Point Values useful for "balancing" opposing forces, as well as special weapon and other data. Of equally great importance are those characteristics that give the army its personality and character, special tactics or attitudes towards war that distinguish one nation and its army from another.

Here is the list for "Army Cerise" as it appears in FLW, ready for budding Generals to study and even use to plan a collection.

Army Cerise List

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The book that inspired Little Warriors, Funny Little Wars, is available through TVAG's Rules & Books Page.

And for those who wish to put their miniatures battles into a larger context, there is Padre Paul's second work, Little Campaigns, which is also available. Complete with game maps, map counters, and other play aids, this is the perfect companion to FLW, and full of ideas and techniques for campaigns from simple to complex.

In addition, four full lines of inexpensive War Game and Diorama accessories are also available from TVAG in the same 54mm/1:32 Scale, and may be viewed and ordered via the following links.

Everything from Field Kitchens (for the Cook and Baker Figures), Hospital Tents (for Surgeons and Orderlies, to Staff Cars, Supply Wagons (with Driver and Passenger figures), Cobblestone Road sections, and more are specifically offered to complement the various Soldier types for displays and war games. All of these (and so much more) are covered in Funny Little Wars in simple but intelligent ways such that almost every aspect of an army can be represented in miniature, and even in yard or table games and campaigns.

Though historically correct Japanese Flags, appropriate to the troop type, come with the Color and Standard Bearer Figures, a full range of Official "Army Cerise" flags are available inexpensively as part of the "Little Flags" collection. These include the proper flags for every Infantry Battalion, Cavalry Regiment, Artillery Battery, and all levels of Command from Brigade to Division. There are even fender flags to be attached and flown from Staff Cars!

More items are being developed in every range and more will be added continuously--but we are very much open to your suggestions and requests!

Little Flags

Little Houses

Little Wheels


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