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"True 25mm" Figures for The Asante War of 1874

Basic units ("Guns") contain 24 Asafo (warriors), consisting of 18 "Gunmen," 4 Sword Bearers, one Drummer, and one Leader)." For each six "Guns" in an Army, one additional unit of 18 warriors armed only with spears and bows, plus a Drummer and Leader, should be fielded.

Three "Guns" constitute a "Tribe"; which is led by an Asopohene. This exalted personage is always at least 12" behind the nearest rear rank of his warriors, and will be provided with his retinue as a set of his own. His presence on the field is crucial to the ability of his "Guns" to move and fight as he directed them.

Higher still up the Asante tree is the Caboceer who command as many as three "Tribes" in one action. Like the lower ranking Asopohene's, he is even farther back (at least another 12") and doesn't expect to move until the victory is won--or his army is clearly defeated. In which case, as he sits surrounded by his entourage under the largest umbrella of all, perched on his Stool of Rank, mounted atop a stack of gunpowder barrels, he dramatically lights a fuse--and blows himself to Kingdom Come as the expected show of penance to his King, the Asantehene.

Full organizational and tactical information on the Asante, presented in terms of The Sword And The Flame, is available below as "The Asante Resource Supplement."



1 "Gun"(24 Asafo "Gunmen" w/Drummer & Leader)


Spear & Bow Armed Asafo (20 w/Drummer & Leader)



Asopohene "Tribal" Command Pack


Caboceer Army Command Pack

This helpful guide contains 6 pages of background, organizational, and tactical information about the Asante, plus special rules and game related data for fielding them in games of The Sword And The Flame . Much of this appears in the campaign game book for TSATF, The Sun Never Sets , but now including contemporary color and B&W uniform data, and in depth rules to make these proud warriors fight as hard as they did, and to behave as their enemies feared them!

This PDF file will be sent postage free to the Customer's E-mail address upon receipt of your order.

The Asante Resource Supplement



Additional New Sculpts of Key Command Figures, including a Caboceer, Special Drummers, Sword Bearers, And More Are Coming As Soon As Possible.

Actual War and Ceremonial Music of the Asante and related peoples are available on CD and makes blood curdling accompaniment (at appropriate volumes, please!) to your games and painting/terrain building sessions. Some recommended sources are: Traditional Drumming And Songs of Ghana, and Songs of War and Death of The Slave Coast, both of which can be bought and downloaded directly and inexpensively. Potent stuff that can really get the wind up you back!

... And the plugging of which benefits TVAG not a whit save for the pleasure of sharing this further aspect of history with his fellow hobbyists.

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