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Mexican War Collection

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Maratha Wars

Mahdist Wars Collection

Little Flags Collection for Funny Little Wars

19th Century Chinese


Chinese Pirates


"Imitation Foreign Devils"

Little Warriors

25mm B'hoys!
from Bobby Jackson's
"Thrilling Combat Miniatures"

"Splendid Little Warriors"
(TRUE 25mm & 15mm War Game Figures)

25mm Abyssinians

25mm Asante

25mm Maori

25mm "Viva Juarez!"

15mm "Rough Riders!"

15mm "Perdicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead!"

15mm Special Mexican War Range for GTSTE

25mm Houston's Naval Guns
& Fittings


Send A Gunboat!

Rum Runners!

28mm B'hoys Towne

25/15mm Native Huts & Longhouses

25mm Maori Buildings

25mm/15mm East Indian Buildings

25/15mm Field Earth Works

"Rough Riders" Buildings
& Block Houses
(Cuba, 1898)

28mm Mean Streets!

28mm Mean Sets!

54mm/1:32 Card Models/Accessories
"Little Houses"
"Little Wheels"
"Little... Stuff"

54mm Tudor Towne


US Mexican War Uniforms & Weapons Page for GTSTE

B'hoys! Tournament at Fall In!, 2004

"In The Pipe"--
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TVAG Interviewed by "Warning Order" E-zine
Sergeants 3

the General

Army Red Echelon with Supply Crates/Boxes

Little ...Stuff

54mm (1:32 Scale) Card Stock Accessories for

Funny Little Wars

To complete miniature Echelons/Supply Dumps, and to provide loads for the Supply Wagons that carry ammunition, rations, and more to the front as part of the game, you've got to have the goods! Not commonly available for Toy Soldier Collectors--or even at all--Crates and Boxes of weapons, ammunition, food, water, and even liquors are the very details that breathe life into any tableau.

Each set provides five full color sheets full of Rifle Crates, Ammunition Boxes, unspecified Supplies, box and barrel labels (in two sizes), and more to cut out and easily assemble. They can remain hollow, or be glued around the right size and shape of wooden blocks. Craft stores sell inexpensive bags of these, and barrels in several sizes which may be used, and the variety of Barrel Labels of bulk goods (Flour, Salted Beef/Pork, Beer, Drinking Water, and much more) can be glued on these, as seen in the example photos. There is also a page of Field Hospital Supplies in boxes marked "Bandages," "Anesthetics," "Antiseptics," and "Medical Instruments, as well as a proper Red Cross Flag to fly above, and Red Cross plastrons and armbands to add to your Nurse and Orderly figures.

Carrying the spirit of the game forward, each set is in the appropriate language (translations provided) with National Markings. Even the proper model of rifle is marked on the rifle crates and ammunition boxes, as well as Artillery ammo boxes that distinguish between Funny Little War's Light, Field (Medium), and Heavy Artillery.

Future additions to the line depend on Customer requests. Any Army, any language, represented in FLW will have the same sort of Supply Crates, Boxes, etc, produced on demand, then added to the range. So those collecting Armies Horizon Blue or Purple will be able to get the correct French text and data on their sets, as would Serbian, Italian, Austrian, and the others.

More Miscellaneous items of all kinds will be added to the Little ...Stuff range as they come along--and your suggestions are welcome!

Please note the 1:32 figures provided for size reference.

Army Supplies (Crates, Boxes, etc) Now Available

Army Red
The "British" Army of Funny Little Wars, the fonts and details are authentic--though the Labels are rather more stereotypical.

PDF File Version--Price: $4.00

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Army Black
The "German Empire" of FLW, here we have a proud and very precise impression of their style.

PDF File Version--Price: $4.00

Please Specify Desired Format

Army Orange
The "Boer Republics" of FLW, their German connections are rather obvious!

PDF File Version--Price: $4.00

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Army Dark Green
Being the "Russians" of FLW, their Rifle and Ammo crates/ boxes even bear the mark of the Tula Arsenal, while there's Caviar and Champagne for the Officers!

PDF File Version--Price: $4.00

Please Specify Desired Format

Army Cerise
FLW's Japanese, their crates are marked "Imperial Army," carry the Emperor's Chrysanthemum Emblem, and there are barrel labels for enough sake to float the Army anywhere it wants to go!

PDF File Version--Price: $4.00

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