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Unique War Game Structures
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Mean Sets

Mean Sets

Mean Streets

" Down these
Mean Streets

a man must go..."
Raymond Chandler

B'hoys Towne!
Cutout buildings and accessories to represent the streets of New York or any other 19th Century. American town. 
Also useful for colonial-era gaming in other parts of the world.

Tour B'hoys Towne, if yer man enough!


Buffalo Chip
A complete self assembly 28mm Western Town for Old West gamers and dioramists. Also useful for wider Victorian Colonial gaming.

The Kris and the Flame
Gaming Accessories for the era of Rajah Brooke in the South China Sea and East Indies.

19th Century Chinese Flags Collection The 19th Century Chinese Flags Collection
Almost 1000 flags of the Tai-P'ing Rebellion in the initial release with hundreds more
to come for the Boxer Rebellion, Chinese Pirates, and Manchu/Qing Armies from the 1840's to 1900. Available in 25/28mm, 20mm, 15mm, and 6mm scales.

The Sikh Wars Flag Collection
Battle Flags of the British Army, the Honorable East India Company, & The Khalsa! Available in 25/28mm, 20mm, 15mm, and 6mm Scales!

25mm Naval Flags Of The Major Powers in support of Boilers And Breechloaders rules, "Send A Gunboat," as well as Pulp Fiction Role Playing, Boxer Rebellion, Russo-Japanese, and Spanish-American War Games.

2nd Maratha War Flags Collection Logo 2nd Mahratta War Flags Collection!
Some 177 unique flags in a variety of authentic shapes, sizes, colors and devices,  available in your choice of 25/28mm, 20mm, 15mm, and 6mm scales.

Miscellaneous Playing Aids

Victorian Urban Barricades
Useful from London to Lucknow, or even the streets of B'hoys Towne.

Hexagonal Figure Bases
Urban surfaces for "B'hoys!" or any other 25/28mm figures.

The Rough Riders! Action Deck
Professionally printed in full color, a 63 card set, ready to be cut out and laminated, if desired, which will add permanence and further "eye appeal" to your games of the rules of the same name.

The Dynamite Deck
A play aid for any war game or RPG that deals with things that go "BOOM!

The Event Deck for The Sword And The Flame, 20th Anniversary Edition (TSATF20)
The perfect way to add new suspense and excitement to your games! Now available from TVAG in PDF on CD for self printing.

The Event Deck for the TSATF Variant, The Sword In North Africa (TSINA)
Dedicated to war games with the French Foreign Legion and their Foes, this newest and very specific Event Deck brings the heat, thirst, and hardships endured by all into your actions in ways not possible before. Also available on CD in PDF for self printing.

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