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The Kris
and the Flame
at HistoriCon 2003

Your erstwhile TVAG ran (his first) game of colleague Chris Ferree's then  recently-published pet project, 

a dependent variant of The Sword and the Flame for land and naval actions in the South China Sea in the era of the famed Rajah Brooke.

At HistoriCon, players Dennis McKinney (Pirates) and his son, Gus (The Royal Navy), took the battle to a British Victory, since expected pirate reinforcements did not arrive in time to save their fort.

The photos below give a taste of the game, which sold well and looks to be a major new interest. Figures, ships, buildings and rules are now available.

The British Force (HMS Finch in the lead) enters the estuary leading to the Pirates' Fort.

HMS Flyer (towing the landing party of sailors) follows in her wake.

The Chinese allies man the War Canoe at upper left, the Malay in the Riverine Prahu at lower right.

The Dyak fort on the spit between two streams.

The garrison (three groups of infantry) have hidden outside the stockade to its rear – they have a plan!

HMS Finch releases the Royal Marines to row onto the beach and begins to fire upon the Fort.

HMS Flyer releases her longboat-load of sailors – who come under attack by one of the trailing Dyak Pirate Prahus. (lower right)

The Dyak pirate craft fires upon the hapless sailors, killing one and heavily damaging their longboat. It then tries to ram, grapple and board, but to no avail.

The Brits' Chinese allies steer clear, making for the distant beach (lower right).

The Dyak prahu scores a kill!

The RN longboat sinks a short distance from a tiny island. Another sailor is lost, the rest arrive without their weapons.

The Chinese land, manage to shoot dead the Dyak captain of the second pirate ship, and then leave their allies marooned!

In honor of the Lieutenant, and their situation, their landfall is dubbed Gilligan's Island – and nary a Mary Ann or Ginger in sight!

HMS Finch breaches the pirate stockade, just in time for the Royal Marines to storm through.

The Malay allies finally arrive and, under fire from both flanks by hidden Dyak batteries, reluctantly contemplate advancing.

Gongs beating madly, the first Dyak Pirates charge into their own fort and the waiting Royal Marines. In the fight, the Marine Lieutenant is killed, along with almost half the Section, but the Dyaks are beaten and the fort set to the torch.

Objective attained!

Flames curling up from the fort, the remaining Royal Marines begin to backwater while their Malay allies (boat aflame from the Dyak cannonade), make away at speed. HMS Flyer (left) is stamping out the hidden battery that caused the damage and losses on the beach.

The Kris
And the Flame

products are currently on "hold" pending the relocation of TVAG's Casting Suite for the 15mm figures, and the retooling of the resin ship and fortifications.


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